Theme Party Ideas That Spell Fun

American Tent

It’s your child’s 9th birthday and she has invited the whole class over!

How do they all fit in your living room? And what about your new carpet? No worries, your backyard is spacious and just a bit of planning is what’s needed.

To make things easier, go for theme parties. Having a specific theme to dictate most of the choices will spare you the trouble of having to consider a lot of other options. Build your party around your chosen theme, from the menu, to decor, to games and party favors. Gear up, this is going to be fun!

American TentHere are some ideas you might want to check out:

Going To The Hukilau

Little hula dancers would love the leis and flowers on their hair. Your table will look so lovely laden with leaves as a table covering and flowers picked from the garden on top. A simple feast of grilled meats and lots of fruits, particularly pineapples make up a luau your kamahine’s and keikikane’s will be talking about for the whole school year.

Join the Circus

It’s all a matter of propping up cardboards drawn upon and painted with circus animals and acts. An abundance of balloons and colorful flags, too. And what about tent sidewalls full of stickers and decals to look like a real and colorful circus tent? This would make a  perfect place for taking the inevitable selfies and groupies. Throw in candy apples, popcorn and hotdogs on sticks and you can almost hear those drum rolls.

Welcome to the Jungle

If your backyard has lots of plants and trees, this will be a theme tailor-made for you. Miniature Tarzans and Janes will undoubtedly love to swing from ropes made to look like twigs tied around big branches. Fruits hanging from trees ready to be picked could even make them enjoy food that’s not carbo laden.

Out Of This World

Sun, moon, stars and planetary stickers are quite easy to find anywhere and a black backdrop will bring these all out. Glow sticks made into bracelets, necklaces, and headgears are the perfect party favors your intergalactic guests would enjoy even as the party is in progress. Scout your local hardware store for glow in the dark paints, too.


It may not be September but let those little dancing kings and queens swing to the music of Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder or Gloria Gaynor. Musical history at its finest! It’s about time they become familiar with the beat their grannies were so obsessed with. Some disco balls strategically hung would reflect light in the most fantastic ways.