Journey of Hamed Wardak: philanthropist true to his name


Hamed Wardak is an exceptional personality that uses his music to get to people who are unable to seek the comfort that they are seeking, or are facing any kind of trouble making their lives difficult.

How Was He In Young Age

He was a wonder kid and did his graduation from Georgetown, his degree was about BA in government and political theories, being an excellent student he was given and award that is given only to the thirty tow student in the state and he was one of them, this award was all about serving people around them and bringing change in the lives of the people. He did not stop, he continued with his work in this sector and in his journey to accomplish more he even worked with many great personality which is the reason why the name Hamed Wardak is as big as it is.

Why did he use music to reach out to people?

He uses his music to reach out to people and calm their soul and talk to them, his music basically soothes the other person who is unable to connect or contact with the real word because of the issues which they have been facing. Hamed Wardak is a strong believer that music is way that people will come together and unite and it is not limited to any gender, race or society, this can be made available to the masses without any barrier. He also believes that there is no other mode of communication as good as music to tell and hear the things which need to be said or heard, music even gives a groove and vibe that is responsible to lift a person from a position which is toxic to his own self.

This is his music has worked with people and they are very happy with the result.