Dyson V8 vs Dyson V10: Which Is The Better Vacuum Cleaner For Your Needs?

Cordless Vacuum Comparison

Looking for the best vacuum cleaner for your home is not going to be easy. There are important factors that you have to take into consideration. But in the market these days, Dyson is one of the most trusted names. So if you want to find the best, then this is the brand that you should check out. Dyson V8 and Dyson V10 are two of the best from this brand. So if you want to Compare the V8 and V10, then this article is for you.

Dyson V8

This is the “older” version of the Dyson V10. This is a very good option if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can run for a longer time. For a cheaper price, you will get a high-quality vacuum cleaner from a brand that many people trust. In fact, this is a really good contender of the V10. What makes the V8 a very good choice is that it is affordable but you get to enjoy the most amazing benefits similar to the V10.

  • Why Buy Dyson V8? The best feature of the Dyson V8 is its powerful suction that can last for up to 40 minutes. It is also built with a direct drive cleaner head that is specifically designed for carpets. If you buy the Dyson V8, it also comes with a mini motorized tool that you can use.

Dyson V10

The Dyson V10 is the latest model from Dyson. In fact, this is currently on top of the preferred products compared to other brands. This vacuum is selling fast in the market these days because it is portable and you can easily carry it anywhere you go because it’s lightweight. It also has a larger dustbin that provides more powerful suction. Compared to the vacuums created by Dyson, the V10 is the one that runs the longest.

Cordless Vacuum Comparison

  • Why Buy Dyson V10? The Dyson V10 can run for up to 60 minutes if you are using a non-motorized tool. As mentioned above, it is lightweight and can easily be brought anywhere you want to use it. The V10 can clean thoroughly in a shorter period of time. It has a direct drive cleaner which is the most powerful in the market that can clean 25% more dirt compared to other vacuum cleaners or even the ones produced by the company.

Maintenance Difference Between Dyson V8 and Dyson V10

If you did visit homepage and check out these two but you are still confused about which to choose, then you need to know their differences to help you decide. When it comes to maintenance, Dyson V8 is a bit more expensive. That is because it is not as advanced as the V10 which means that breakdowns can happen more often. With the Dyson V10, you will not have to worry about maintenance. Since it is more advanced, breakdowns don’t happen more often. This is why many would prefer to buy the Dyson V10.

Now that you know the difference between these two, the choice would be so much easier for you. You should also take into consideration the benefits of buying the V8 or the V10. consider your needs in cleaning to help you decide.