Choose The Best Cigar According to Your Taste

In the old times, cigars are what rich people, mostly men, would smoke. Nowadays, cigars are used by individuals who developed a taste for the finer things in life. Cigars are so special that there are boxes or a room called Humidors that are humidity-controlled and solely used to store your cigars to avoid it from rotting. Who knew that cigars should be stored properly to preserve it, just like wine?

It can be confusing to the average person who never smoked a cigar, but for those who are interested, you will have to know the simple tips and tricks to choose the right type of cigar. Once you know these simple tips, that’s when you know that you are ready to choose the cigar for you. Once you walk in a humidor at cigar clubs, you already know what kind of cigar to get.

How to Spot The Best Cigar for You

To know what type of cigar is made with love and care, you should know how to judge it physically. It’s easy, especially once you are familiar with the simple tips.

  1. Know Your Size – If you’re a first-time cigar smoker, you should already find out the size of the cigar you want. Measure it by length and its ring gauge.
  2. Check the Wrapper – A cigar should not have any gaps or tears. Its exterior should be smooth and clean, which means it’s made with quality craftsmanship.
  3. Decide the Shape – Two of the most common shapes are Figurados and Parejos. Figurados are the classic cigars, shaped like a bullet. Parejos are the open ones, with the other end needing to be cut, so you have something to draw on.

Final Thoughts

There are many kinds of cigars that you will want to choose from. You should know what you want from the get-go so that you can enjoy your thick stick right in peace.