Larger living space and more storage is the most considerably point

renovating your home

A saving of space in the house allows enjoying more of its living space. A house with open rooms offers a clearer vision and promotes better exploitation of the available space; also, when possible, cutting down a wall (non-bearing) is an option to consider. Moving a staircase can also save you space. The addition of a veranda offers the opportunity to enjoy one more living space. With more built-in storage, you’ll enjoy having one closet per room and concealed shelves under the kitchen and/or bathroom counter to store your belongings and clear your eyes. bulky objects.

Save energy through insulation

A poorly insulated home can lose up to 50% heat (or more for “energy strainers”), which is a significant energy loss. Take advantage of renovating your home to insulate the roof, walls, floors, and attics to the latest standards. This will reduce your heating bill and increase the value and comfort of your home.

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Ecological renovation (healthy materials, heating, hot water production)

Some materials are inherently more environmentally friendly than others. The eco-materials will allow a natural regulation of the ambient humidity while guaranteeing good insulation. We can cite traditional materials that are experiencing a real return to the ecological market (stone, raw earth, rammed earth, mud, straw, hemp, etc.), The Home Depot working promo codes  is used many times

Renovation of the attic

Laying the attic is a great way to expand your home and gain a few square meters. First essential step: calculate the land use coefficient of the plot. Thus, if the works are required to create a living area of ​​over 40m2, a building permit and an architect will be essential. Otherwise, a prior declaration will suffice.

The cost of a renovation will necessarily be impacted by different elements, starting with the size of the house. Naturally, the larger the house, the more the cost will adjust accordingly. Second impact on the budget to be expected: the type of work to be done. A simple refresh, a redesign of paintings or a complete restoration of the insulation will not require the same budget. Finally, the quality and range of materials chosen will greatly influence the final budget needed to renovate your home.