Introduction to compressed air systems

compressed air systems

Compressed air systems consist of several main subsystems and components. Compressed air systems can also be divided into two parts: the production side and the consumption side. The production side includes compressors, air handling, and primary storage facilities. A well-managed system will produce clean, dry, stable air delivered to the desired pressure reliably and economically. The main sub-systems for producing compressed air normally include the air intake, air receiver tank  the compressor air (fixed speed and/or variable speed ), the after-cooler, the engine, control devices, air handling equipment, and accessories.

How does a compressor work?

Although there are several types of compressors, they all have the same function of increasing the pressure and reducing the volume of a given gas such as air. The basic  air receiver tank compressor works by filling a chamber/container with air and then reducing the volume of the chamber. It is a volumetric compressor.

piston air compressor

Important steps of the process:


The air that is pushed into the tank will compress and its molecules will bounce off one another strongly to try to escape into the atmosphere. This compression stores energy that can be released to operate a tool. The greater the amount of air trapped in the tank, the higher the pressure and the more energy will be ready to be released.


Once the air is released the pressure in the tank will decrease. The molecules of gas being released little by little. For individuals, it is especially volumetric reciprocating compressors that are acclaimed… The volumetric compressor is the most common, in this category, there are alternative types (with a piston) and rotary (screw).

How does a piston air compressor work?

The compressor accumulates the pressure by a back and forth movement of a piston in a cylinder. For low pressure, a single-cylinder is sufficient. We are talking about a one-stage compressor. This type of compressor is very suitable for most housework. The pressure can be adjusted, a nanometer can measure the pressure of the tank. The pressure can go from 8 bars to 30 to see more.