How to Properly Use Weight Bench for Beginners

Use Weight Bench for Beginners

If you are planning to work out at home, you should secure different types of gym equipment. You initially thought about weights but if you want to expand the total number of exercises you can do, it is time to invest in weight benches. A weight bench should be a staple because it can lay down the foundation for your weight training allowing you to work on different muscle groups.

If you are a beginner, you should know the different types of weight benches as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Before you buy, you should look into some key features like the adjustability, quality, upholstery, and safety. Do not forget to check weight bench reviews. The reviews will give you insight into other people’s experience so you can make an informed decision at the end of the day.

Now it is time that you know how to properly use weight benches. Here are some basic tips for beginners:

For chest exercise

For chest exercises, you should incline the bench. It will allow you to work on your upper muscle chest. If you incline the bench a few degrees, it will allow work the upper chest muscle fibers.

You have to remember though that if you attempt chest exercises too high, it can harm your shoulder joint. Alternatively, declining the bench means emphasizing your lower chest.

For support

If you want to work on your biceps, you should consider a weight bench for support. For support, you should incline the weight bench in a sitting position then take the equal length in every hand. Before you lift, make sure that your back is comfortable with the seat.

using the weight bench

For instance, if you are doing bicep curls or overhead lifts, you should adjust the seat so it’s upright then you should sit snugly against it. This can ultimately help protect your back. With this, it will not be able to rock your body back and forth when you build momentum to hoist the dumbbell. When lifting, refrain from arching your back off the bench especially if the weight gets heavy.

For lifting weight

Ideally, you should not do any step aerobics on your weight bench. Weight benches are made for lifting weight, not anything else. However, you can use the bench for step aerobics as long as you are not lifting dumbbells heavier than thirty pounds.

Observe proper stance

You should keep your feet flat on the floor or bench – whichever is comfortable for you. This is a matter of safety.

Avoid putting your feet up in the air

If you are a beginner, you should avoid putting your feet up in the air. This is unsafe because it can create an unstable position. It will also appear like you want your stomach to be scratched. The best thing to do is to plant your feet firmly on the floor.

Ensure equal weight

When you are using the weight bench, you should ensure that there is equal weight on every side of the barbell.