How much, how and when should your child play video games, according to neuroscience

play video games

Prohibiting or preventing children from using electronic devices does not make any sense, nor does it prevent them from having a mobile phone at a certain age.

The word e-sport appears more and more in the media. These are videogame competitions in which a single player or토토사이트 multiplayer participates. That is, the player against the machine or against other players, either in the same location or through the Internet, with one player in Singapore and another in Albacete, for example. There are, in fact, television channels that broadcast e-sport games with narrators and commentators, as if it were a football game. Moreover, it is no longer so striking that a club e-sport fiche a player, only 18 years, for 200,000 euros a year. Or that in a tournament prizes worth 18 million Euros are distributed . It’s a buoyant business, which means you have your audience and you’re going to pay for it.

e-sport games

When should they play

When the sun goes down, the brain, which follows a circadian rhythm, sets in motion a mechanism for the production of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. The blue light of electronic devices can alter this process. Therefore, from that moment, the access, whether to play or to see any type of content, must be done with blue light filters or activating the night mode so that the screen is seen with orange tones and weaker light.

After dinner and in the period before going to sleep, you should not play, because it stimulates the brain and therefore the body, which goes against the physiological process of sleep. In fact, that stimulation can increase the production of the hormone cortisol, which prepares us for action. However, for the apocalyptists, video games are little less than a colorful and luminous demon that heralds the end of the golden age