Fascia blasting is a form of manipulating the fascia. It involves a tool called FasciaBlaster. This is Ashley Black’s invention. It is a long hard plastic with something shaped like talons or claws. There are other companies that make similar products. But FasciaBlaster is the most popular in the market. There are various FASCIABLASTER tools. Read below to know which one is perfect for you.

The Elite Starter Kit

This is perfect for first-time users. It has a small-clawed long tool called the MasterBlaster. It is for prepping the tissue. It also has the Mini 2 which is perfect for a deeper massage into the tissue. The Nugget is for trigger point therapy. It can fit in your pocket or purse. You can use it anytime and anywhere. This kit allows for full-body myofascial treatment at every level. You can use the MasterBlaster for the skin and structural fascia layer. The Mini 2 for The muscle layer benefits from the Mini 2. Use the Nugget for deep intensive work. It has everything you need in one package.

The New Advanced Kit

This is for prepping, massaging, and refining. The tiny claws of the MasterBlaster are great for prepping. As well as carving out definition. For big areas and deep massage, there is the FasciaBlaster. You can use the Mini 1 and FasciaBlaster Nugget for stubborn spots.

original FasciaBlaster


This is the #1 selling self-massage myofascial tool. It has a total length of 21.5 inches. You use this for massaging your tissue. Ashley Black designed, engineered, and manufactured the FasciaBlaster. It can massage the fascia. As well as the muscles on almost any area of the body. It is the most versatile and most bought tool. The larger claws let you push deeper into the muscle tissue with no difficulties. You should give yourself a skilled fascia massage on a regular basis. The FasciaBlaster has an added bonus of lessening the appearance of cellulite.


This one can be a prep tool and an advanced tool at the same time. Light and brisk application at the surface layer of the skin is perfect when you use this as a prep tool. You can also use this as a refining tool using advanced techniques. The MasterBlaster is a fusion of two other tools. The detailed approach of the FaceBlaster. Combined with the reach of the original FasciaBlaster. It has 9 small claws. The sleek and lightweight bar provides full-body ultimate coverage.


This is like the original FasciaBlaster but a different edition. It has a clear body and its claws filled with glitter. It has lovely rose gold handles and a logo. It has the same function as the original FasciaBlaster. It can massage fascia and muscles in almost any area of the body.

Researchers conducted a study on those who used these products. They found a decrease in the subcutaneous thigh fat. They also noticed a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Fascia manipulation could help cellulite. It lets the fat cells free from the fibrous bands. It is best to consult your doctor before using any of the above products. Your doctor will help you decide if fascia blasting is for you.