Different types of sparkling water

types of sparkling water

It is a kind of carbonated water. Please don’t get confused with the natural sparkling mineral water. That is preserved from the natural mineral springs. Instead of minerals and sulfur compounds, these are created artificially.

Carbon dioxide is compressed under high pressure for creating sparkling water. This pressurized gas then generates a bubble. You can mix it with various colors and fruity flavors. They are launched in the market with different names. This is as per the ingredients used in making the final drink.

Let us have a quick overview of the various flavors that are available to the fizzy drink lovers in the market:

Grape raspberry

It is flavored with the mouth-watering taste of the raspberries. That is not just any other berry but it contains the taste of a grape. It is saturated with various vitamins. It includes A, D, B6, B12 along with other nutrition factors like biotin and pantothenic acid.

Black cherry

It’s a sweet fizzy juice with the flavor of black cherry. It’s a caffeine-free drink. It is concentrated with the freshness of potassium benzoate and vegetable juice.

sparkling mineral water

Black raspberry

It is one of the best sellers among the different tastes of the drink available to the customers. It’s freshness and black raspberry taste makes it super popular.

Pomegranate blueberry

You might call it a drink with a twisted flavor of both pomegranate and blueberry. It is carbonated water that contains natural flavors.

Cherry Limeade

It comes with the sweetness of the cherries. Those are blended with the tangy twist of lime. This gives you a pleasure of both freshness and a sharp spiciness.

Strawberry watermelon

It is a nutritious combination of the best of both worlds. It contains strawberries and watermelon flavor.

Kiwi Strawberry

A marvelous blend of the vibrant kiwi and the sweetness of strawberry. It makes a perfect drink for any occasion.

However, you may also choose from various other flavors. They are easily available with different suppliers.