Consider the performance of individual actors

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It can be easy to see the performance of a particular protagonist and not realize the efforts of cast actors. When analyzing a movie, pay attention to what other characters are doing when they are not part of the main action.

A good actor understands that his role is to drive the plot forward or establish a character in the mind of the viewer. The actor who plays a villain, for example, must be a formidable opponent for the actor who plays the hero. The secondary characters cannot have much dialogue, but their presence can still be felt by the audience.

When analyzing the performance of the actors, ask yourself if they successfully developed the character and how they interacted with the other actors to work.

The editing is a very important element in the finished movie

Many film critics say that the real movie starts in the editing room. Sometimes a potentially good movie is less successful due to bad editing. Essential parts of the plot of the film can be cut completely or scenes that do nothing to advance the plot are left in the final cut. When editing is done well, it should be almost invisible.

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When analyzing the editing of a movie, look for anything that messes up or confuses you. Scenes with dialogue should be cut without problems between the lines of the actors talking and othersĀ  reacting to them. The action scenes must maintain a constant and exciting rhythm. A good movie should flow from one scene to another, without denying the audience enough information to follow the story’s arc.

Directors put their fingerprint on a movie

While much of a director’s work begins and ends with the production of films, his vision must still be evident in the appearance of the finished film. A good director understands the intentions of the writers, the abilities of the actors and the skills of the staff.

When analyzing a film, it often helps to research the director’s body of work and the details of his distinctive style. How do you get the best out of your actors? What is your reputation among other filmmakers?