Day: August 10, 2019

Spa at Home? Give Yourself a Full Body Massage!

Feeling tired and wanted to have a massage? But don’t have the energy to go out and look for a spa? Fret not! Today’s article will teach you how you can give yourself or your loved one a full body massage right at the comfort of your home or room.

This is also essential as giving the massage itself. Make sure the surroundings are comfortable and pleasant enough to set a spa-like mood. Space or room should have a cozy ambiance to maximize the effect of the massage.

Also, if the massage session will last for a longer time, then create some presentation to make the room warm and toasty. Besides, use soft towels to mask the cold and laborious massage surface. All these things are necessary to offer comfort for your body. Also, it is advisable to use sheets and towels to supply privacy and warmth.

You can turn off the lights for a calming ambiance. If a sensual massage is some things you’re fascinated to, you’ll need to select aromatic candles. Go for soft scents that will make the ambiance irresistible.

You can try it with some soft, soothing music within the background. It is best if you select the sounds of nature. Although, people have completely different preferences, so, it’s best to choose the one that will make you and your loved one relax.

Pick the Right Massage Oils or Essential Oils

The oil offers lubrication (which will benefit your massage) that enables your hands to simply glide over the skin. You can pick any essential aromatic oil or essential oils that you think will benefit you and your loved ones the most.

Spa at Home

Studies show that therapy combined with a massage is extremely effective for relieving anxiety. To treat anxiety and stress, you may choose Almond or Jojoba oil. You can buy these oils from the market or online.

They are easy to look for, besides you don’t need to spend a lot of money on these oils. Whereas most oils do their job, it is recommended to run a skin test on the skin first to avoid any bad skin reactions.

Ways to Give a Full Body Massage

Below are the following steps you need to follow to have a good full body massage:

Step #1: Begin at the Bottom, from the Feet in Upward Position

Apply a firm pressure on the soles using your thumb. Ensure to pay extra caution to foot arches. After that, gently pull all toes individually to let go of the tension in the feet. Remember, to massage the heels and balls of the feet.

Moreover, the patient doesn’t necessarily need to lie down, he or she may simply sit in a comfortable reclining chair to do this massage.

Step #2: Massage the Legs

Start with a gentle stroke to the calves up to the upper thighs. You may use a massage technique called effleurage. This massage technique requires you to apply light pressure on the skin and gradually stretching it. You may also use FasciaBlaster to help you apply light pressure on the skin. Massage one calf at a time and don’t forget to cover the other half with a towel.

Step #3: Massage the Lower and Upper Back

Continue to use effleurage. You may start with long strokes and finish the massage at the bottom of the neck. Gently press the spine using both of your palms. Then, spread out your hands on the upper back and follow the steps down to the shoulders.

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