The need to have the best plan in place when you also opt the best basic phone plan. The unlimited minutes that you have chosen, and the messages are charged obscenely low. There are wi-fi networks which enable you to use your own internet not of the service provider for the phone and save up on the data charges. The cellular service can be used as sort of back up. The limited minutes option where you can have the charges on the add ons such as the voice mail and other voice services.

Getting your options in plans

There is a great choice in the plans when you are able to make choices that you want to have in your plans. The texts and the data plans are billed separately as per your usage. When you choose the right carrier or service provider to check whether there are hidden fees or charges. The need to see the provider is right within your budget. Whether the pre-paid or the post paid option will suit your needs. The upgrades to fit in add ons can be done and this apparently can come in various combo packages and offers the service provider will put up ever so often to get the user to stick to their services as their competitors will vouch for newer plans with so many perks that the user can lured to other providers.

When you choose the prepaid option, you will have to pay for the mobile upfront, but this the advantage that you will end up paying for the service that is provided unlike the post-paid wherein the instalments of the phone too are squeezed in and the service charges are also billed to you.

 On the post-paid you end up paying more as you get to pay for it every month with a fixed interest rate. The pre-paid has the best flexibility that you can get unlike what you would have for the post-paid option which has the fixed charge it is like having a traditional plan to take on. But the prepaid can be customised to your liking and you will be almost paying how you use the it. But in the post-paid you will have to pay irrespective of the usage. The service provider will send you a monthly bill and it is to be paid unlike prepaid where you pay before the usage as the name suggests and use it till the plan gets over and here you can change the plan after the usage is over.