Types of Air Treatment

Types of Air Treatment

What is air treatment?

We breathe oxygen to live and plants breathe carbon dioxide to make their food. Likewise to survive for a long while fresh air is required which is contaminated with various factors leads to several types of dangerous diseases? So it is necessary to take few steps for air treatment in all the areas so as to remove the contaminated air present surrounding us for good environment that gives us better health and sanitation. The birth of contaminants is majorly from the environment that includes air, water, and other dirt and chemicals which are released into the atmosphere from industries and sometimes from compressors which release toxic gases from lubricants.

As several contaminants aren’t compressible, the contaminants are concentrated by the air compression. This leads to pressure in the air which in turn decreases the water vapor holding capacity, which leads the water to drop from the machinery that contaminates and corrodes the various parts of machinery and other tools used. Sometimes it also leads to oil contamination.

Compressed Air Filters

Different Types of Air Treatment

There are various methods for removing contaminants. The compressed air dryers take away the moisture from the machine and are helping to keep it dry. But there are also some filters which are used to remove particles and oil from the machine. Please check out the following listed below:

Air Dryers:

They are best known as

  • Refrigerated Dryers (cycling and non-cycling),
  • Desiccant Dryers (heatless and heated),
  • Deliquescent Dryers and
  • Membrane Dryers

Compressed Air Filters:

Some external particles like airborne dust, vehicle exhaust, chemicals released by factories etc get ingested into the compressor from the air. When the compressed air system gets these contaminants generated in the compressor then they release oil from compressors, rust is formed in tanks and pipes, and then the desiccant dust is released from air dryers. During that time air treatment needs filtration to remove these contaminants and is known as:

  • Coalescing Filters,
  • Vapor Filters,
  • Particulate Filters and
  • Specialized Filters


Air is a very essential part for our survival along with water and food. To keep it fresh the small to large scale industries should use and implement the following above mentioned treatments to keep the air free from any contaminants. Choose the best treatment that works with your business to take necessary measures for the sake of health and sanitation to maintain them at a good level and also provide a good environment for your employees for better production and growth of your company.