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Today’s internet generation is exceedingly reliable on search engines. People, product and services are googled at every stage of life. Social Platforms has become the best medium to get our work discovered and recognized. Usually, websites don’t link to other websites; its people who directs it to other’s work. Excellent content strategy is more vigilant over social media that intensifies ten leads to countless links and countless links to best rankings.

The whole concept performs as snowball effect for internet marketers, but none of the marketing expert know the ropes of SEO automatically. The strategy acts as a resume, that requires regular polishing to put your best foot forward.

24-hour outrival support of Team SEO in Prague

SEO Prague experts at Top ranker helps you follow best strategy, it starts with website analyzing, tries to fix the website faults; suggest best and right use of keywords; perform search engine optimization; conduct evaluations and website monitoring; and finally works of SEO status report. The team checks technical issues on coding, design, website, content, broken links and browser capabilities to fix the errors. At the time of Search Engine Optimization, the technical team is responsible for On-page and Off-page optimization process, including:

SEO status

1)   Repair On-Page Optimization Anatomy

  1. Meta tag Creation
  2. Images and Newscaster Optimization
  3. URL and Header improvement
  4. RSS and Sitemap edifice
  5. Navigation Ease
  6. Webmaster Development

2)   Repair Off-Page Optimization Anatomy

  1. Expand Search Engine Submission
  2. Improve Directory Submission (Local and Geographical target directories)
  3. Works faster on classified and PR strategy (Country wise classification)
  4. Speed search of Articles and forum
  5. Improve social bookmark submission (Expansion on Social Platforms)
  6. Supports blogs command Posting

The optimization process improves overall ranking and visibility of webpage.

Meta descriptions are HTML elements provided in Short descriptions of webpages. They usually seem underneath blue clickable links on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). The format of these tags are unique, natural, active and non-spam.

Google stated that Meta tags have higher influence on page click-through-rate (CTR), that’s the reason Meta descriptions improvement play a significant role in page visibility, ranking and whole optimization process.

Like meta tags, other features are equally importance and relevance, their significance cannot be ignored. Title tags are second most important element of search engine optimization process after content that identifies the title of web page. It helps in understanding the whereabout of the page.

URL links are significant because it enables the search engines to promote relevancy metric to the linked page.

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