Role of photo shop design file in web designing

photo shop design file in web designing

Photo shop design file is in short termed as PSD. It is also considered as a photo shop document. It is a kind of file type which is derived from Adobe photo shop. The utilization of Photoshop is effective where you can edit, modify and create pictures according to your requirements. In fact the Adobe photo shop is also a kind of software. It is widely used for designing websites and also works well in the process of design to code language. This Photoshop design file (PSD) is utilized in designing websites especially by any web design agency. In technical keywords, these PSD’s are named as photo shop documents.

used for designing websites

A web design agency works out on any kind of creating websites based on different tools and features like adding cascading style sheets, this PSD’s, multimedia, sparkling graphics etc for an attractive and informative content related websites.

Let’s concentrate on the following points;

  • Adobe photo shop is very helpful for doing any kind of opening, editing, updating and manipulations if required for a PSD files. But these files will be opened in the form of adobe photo shop elements.
  • The editing and opening of PSD files are also possible by non adobe products as well in which the products include Corel’s paint shop pro. Comparatively to photo shop, the products which are available are unable to edit or read some of the complicated layers which are used in PSD files.
  • In the beginning only, when your project is involved with a photo shop then it will be completely accessed by both designers and web developers accordingly.

Creating websites using PSD files;

  • A professional web developer initially slices all the PSD files and converts into HTML code. It certainly means that the services included in the conversion of PSD to HTML involves site slinger. The web developers then takes PSD files and get back HTML or CSS markup language. This process is quite helpful for implementing in a form of live website correspondingly. If you consider another kind of files which you want to for your project, then these files are also be converted into PSD files by the developers. It certainly means that the designs included in your file will take a step forward to convert into PSD files only. Hence PSD files are a best source for designing a website other than remaining files.
  • In fact PSD files are perfectly designed and extraordinarily implemented. It is possible with the usage of folders, layer for showing various forms of pages. In terms of designing animation and button states, this PSD is very much beneficial in all the aspects.
  • For creating an effective website, developer takes the designs and converts it into code and generates an effective website which clearly matches your design in a perfect pixel variation.


Therefore the essentiality of PSD files plays a vital role in developing an efficient website. Here instantly web designers and professional developers will convert the designs assigned from the user’s requirement to a code. This ultimately results in attractive web site design in the form of effective pixel generation.