Online Relationship: A romantic meeting or a virtual shopping spree

virtual shopping spree

Dating in recent times like everything else has been taken over by technology. With technology coming into the picture, people want everything to happen quickly and they need not waste too much time over it. Everyone is busy building their career and earning money. People now don’t seem to have time looking for dates and hunting for connections. So what do we do? We still want to date and hopefully share a spark with somebody. We start moving on to dating apps, where would rather spend some time browsing through profiles. There are many dating apps like Tinder, Coffee meets bagel that can be checked on in the play store.

dating apps

When it comes to dating apps, there is no fear of rejection or failure. It’s like a game where you keep playing till you win. It also gives you the feeling that the list of possible matches is expendable. Select the one that you like, if they like you back it’s fine or moves on to the next profile. Further, there is always a match with more than one. Now the thought comes if I can have more than one, then why should we settle for one? Additionally, it’s also the monetary and the convenience factors that come into play. It’s like dating now has become more like shopping rate her than anything else. Where you go check out stuff, like someone on a virtual shopping spree and if it fits you, then great or moves on to the next item that you like. There are many dating apps like Tinder, Coffee meets bagel that can be checked on in the play store.

Online dating apps have taken out the fun from dating and the human touch to the entire process no longer exists. The process of meeting a person or even waiting for your friends to introduce you to that special person, finding that spark and then getting to know each other and finally moving on to something much more concrete. Now that entire process has been moved to online dating, where it’s more about the game and save some time rather than enjoying the whole experience that goes with it. The process of dating which was earlier a “romantic unanticipated meeting” now is nothing more than a virtual shopping spree”.