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Being successful as a public relations officer, Ronn Torossian isn’t a name that needs a lengthy introduction. Besides being the founder of New York City-based 5W Public Relations (5WPR), Ronn Torossian is popular for the exceptional skill he displays in getting into the public. If the fact of the subsequent success and sustained growth of 5WPR isn’t enough to call for an applause, the list of honors and awards, including the PR Executive of the Year by the American Business Awards, that he has won will do the part.

PR Bible


Ronn Torossian’s “For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations” is one of the most widely read book among business buffs. No wonder why it may be called the PR Bible. Still, that’s only one of the reasons why Ronn Torossian has his signature in the list of top 10 public relations firm in the U.S. in his 20-years’ experience.

How can the topper not be a model? When it comes to philanthropy, there do indeed exist a Torossian model. Torossian gives a portion of his earnings to charity every year. Added to that, charity has been his company’s policy too. Donations to educational initiatives and healthcare projects are countless, and, here, ‘giving back’ is a culture and a policy. Hence, he is not just a mastermind, but a ‘master-heart’ too. By giving back to the community, this sets a new standard for doing business in the world.

Consistency simplicity and trust has always been in the moto of Torroison and his business. Besides the great revenue chart, the ever-growing strength of over 150 employees and an extensive client list that includes such names as Walgreens, JetSmarter, It’s a 10, Bowlmor, All-Clad, Rowenta, SAP, Zeta Global, and The Trade Des prove what business means to Ronn Torossian. Here they believe that business is about building trusts and then result follows.

Are you a confident entrepreneur looking for the better career? Is being part of something wonderful is a good idea to you? Welcome to Torossian’s company. Torossian looks to double 5W in size and revenue, and the first step is hiring the right people. Both in experience and culture, 5WPR by adding promising members to the strength of its uncompromising team. Experts and professionals with genuine entrepreneurship and get-things-done attitude can always secure a space in 5WPR, for we believe true growth never comes in isolation.