Jay Sekulow’s Career as an Attorney

Jay Sekulow’s Career as an Attorney

Jay Sekulow is the Chief Counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice. While he has secured a very strong position in the world of Law and Justice in America, he has had a long and remarkable journey. Jay earned his bachelor’s degree from Atlanta Baptist College. During his course in the college, he developed interest in Christianity. He also wrote his dissertation which was based on “religious influence on Supreme Court Justices and their opinions”.

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He started off his career by working as a tax trial attorney in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). He primarily dealt with lawsuits on representing the United States Department of Treasury. After working there for a while, he started his private practice, collaborating with Stuart J. Roth. This brought him an initial success. However, as the IRS regulations changed, he encountered a downfall in his private practice. In 1992, Sekulow secured a position as Director of American Center of Law and Justice, and now serves as Chief Counsel.

As an attorney, Sekulow has fought a number of significant cases in front of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Through the course of his cases, he holds specialization in fighting cases concerning the First Amendment. He has argued before the Supreme Court 12 times in his career as of now.

Besides being an attorney and the Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, he also hosts a live show called “Jay Sekulow Live!”. This is a live radio show that is broadcast on various satellite radios, like Sirius and XM. Jay Sekulow talks about a number of legislative and legal topics on the radio program to bring them to the attention of people.

With all the experience that he accumulated throughout his journey, Sekulow has also written a number of books. These books are primarily about laws and legislations. Jay Sekulow has always been interested in Christianity and specifically has fought cases related to freedom of religion and faith. This is why; most of his books have an essence of religion related issues. Here’s a list of books written by Jay Sekulow.

  1. From intimidation to victory
  2. Knowing your rights: taking back our religious liberties
  3. And nothing but the truth
  4. Christian rights in the workplace
  5. The Christian, The Court, and The Constitution
  6. Witnessing their faith
  7. Rise of ISIS
  8. Undemocratic
  9. Unholy Alliance

As of now, Jay Sekulow is a member of the personal legal team of President Donald Trump. The legal team is looking into the matter of a possible collusion between the Russian government and the members of the 2016 campaign for the presidential elections.

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