Impact of wearing disposable diapers for children

wearing disposable diapers for children

In the early sixties, the existence of disposable diapers stamps a brand image on those days. Its origination was initially introduced in the year 1942 only but its demand was raised its popularity in sixties only. Compared to cloth diapers, these diapers acquired a huge popularity in all around the world today. Besides this positive response from the customers, there is also a negative impact of wearing these diapers as it may have a chance of facing a serious problem like eczema. To eradicate such problems in child, a popular brand name Imse Vimse was introduced in the year 1988 in order to reduce eczema in people which was occurred due to disposable diapers. It was formerly introduced in Sweden by a founder Marie Walleberg.

washable cotton diapers

The Imse Vimse introduced washable cotton diapers to eradicate eczema problem. They are decided to utilize organic cotton only which is essentially required for washable cotton diapers other than disposable ones. Moreover diapers production takes place in especially Europe and turkey.

Should kids wear disposable diapers?

Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing disposable diapers:


  • It is very easy to use and it contains mere fuss compared to cloth availability.
  • It is easy and throw able one but in case of cloth diapers it is washable every time.
  • With the existence of these diapers, you can carry these diapers at any instance of travelling.
  • Its leakage is very less compared to cloth ones and these are more absorbent too.


  • These disposable ones are mostly high cost expensive. It causes harm to the environment and approximately five million tons of unusual waste that are left untreated will be deposited into landfills every year.
  • These diapers utilization are much harder during potty training. It might also results in diaper rashes and mostly impacts your baby’s health in the form of allergic reactions.
  • Compared to cloth ones, these disposable diapers have gained popularity but the usage of cloth diapers are effective even though they are washable, less usage and are hard to carry out especially during journeys. If you are intentionally wants to prefer disposable diapers then you are essentially needs to justify clearly with dye free, free of perfumes and zero percent chlorine presence etc.


In a positive impact there will be no expiry date for utilization of these disposable diapers. Moreover the existences of disposable diapers are mostly throw away and compostable ones which are popularly using for kids now a day’s. Its utilization is more even though it is made up of wood, plastic and all. These diapers create a very mild atmospheric emissions as well compared to compostable diapers. In the overall discussion, cloth diapers are very healthy compared to disposable ones as these diapers utilization impacts and costs your child health especially those are suffering from eczema. This is the reason why many companies are using organic and generic washable cotton diapers even though there is a huge popularity of disposable diapers among customers.