How to Buy Expired Domains?

Buy Expired Domains

For starters, go to and search for a domain that can be branded and buy it then create the website making sure that the on-page SEO is excellent. The site can be published to the server and wait for people to visit the site. After six to ten months, search traffic can be seen.

If the outreach efforts were effective, there will be many backlinks and slowly increasing traffic. It can take approximately eighteen months before the target traffic is achieved. It is normal for a new domain to be sandboxed for 6 months and to not see any search traffic until the domain is twelve to eighteen months old.

find expired domains and sign up

There is an article on how to purchase a domain that has been expired for some time and make a site in it to avoid being sandboxed. To sum it all up, here are the following:

Step 1: Use to find expired domains and sign up for the free trial of the newbie plan account – always find domains based on their Topical Trust Flow. This specifies the industry of the websites linking to this expired domain as well as the quality of the backlinks.

Look at their Top Anchor Texts to see if the domain has links that look like spam and stay away from these domains.

Finding a domain with at least thirty referring subnets will ensure that even if the domain loses some links, sufficient equity will be retained.

Once the domain has been selected for the site, it can be purchased in an auction or a back order can be placed and the provider will catch it.

Step 2: Make a website using the same url structure. Use websites such as Majestic, Ahrefs or Moz open site explorer to check which pages has the most links. List down all pages with the links and make sure that the new website that was created has the same url structure. The content will most likely to be similar because a domain with the same role was purchased and the backlinks will have a practical value.

Step 3: After publishing the website, wait for re-indexation. The process usually takes more or less two weeks. Test whether the site has been re-indexed by running the command “”.

Once the site has been re-indexed, input of content can be made and the site can be seen in the rankings for the key word. The mentioned step-by-step procedure shows easy the easy way on how to buy expired domains.

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