Answers to some basic questions related to CPO cars

With the huge increase in the price of the latest models of the vehicles, it is the Certified Pre Owned (CPO) vehicles which are gaining the most. CPOs offers you an almost new vehicle with the same warranties and accessories like that of the new car and that too at a cheaper price. This is what attracts many customers towards used luxury cars in chicago. We have answered some of the questions which might be running in your mind while opting for a CPO car.

How cheap are the CPOs against the new cars?

One of the prime reason for choosing a CPO car is the cheap price which you need to offer a brand new car. If compared, buying a CPO which is two years old could save you about 25 percent of the cost of the new model of the same car. Whereas, CPOs which are four years old could save you 40 percent of the latest model of the old car. Thus, it is always going to be cheap while buying CPO. However, the percentage of profit may differ.

What are the perks of CPOs?

Automakers, before giving the CPO designation to a car, requires it to complete an inspection checklist which includes around 150 items. For instance, if an Audi car is to be certified as Certified Preowned (CPO), then it has to check and approve 300 points which are on its list. There are also limitedto the mileage which must be checked before certifying them. CPOs generally come along with the history report of the vehicle and all-time roadside assistance. In short, you can be fully assured that you are going to get the best deal if you are going to buy CPO cars.

CPO cars

Who inspects the CPOs?

The trained mechanics of the factory of the franchise dealers inspect the cars which are to be approved for the CPO status. There are a lot of multipoint inspections of the cars so that it becomes absolutely trouble free and gives you a very good experience.

Do CPOs have a warranty?

CPOs come with warranties. Infact, most of the automakers advertise their CPO cars’ warranties in order to show their confidence in their cars. The coverage period varies from brand to brand, most of them which range around six years. It may also be either 80,000 miles from the original sale date of the car. You should also keep knowledge about the parts of the car which aren’t covered under the warranty. Notably, brakes or other items, which can wear down, aren’t covered under the warranty.


The main reason for choosing a CPO car is its cheaper cost. However, if you are not much concerned about the price of the car and if you are willing to spend a little more, then you can happily go for a brand new car.