Day: March 7, 2018

Advantages of Custom Software Development

The confusion between choosing an off- the shelf product vs developing a new custom software is never-ending. While off-the-shelf products are easy to get your hands on, the custom software has all the things that you need. This is why most of the good businesses prefer to develop their own custom software so that they could run it the way they want it to. However, developing software requires time, effort, manpower, and money, which is why many businesses tend to go towards the off-the-shelf products that are already existing and ready to use.

new custom software

If you’re one of them, here are some of the benefits of custom software development that might make you think otherwise:

Tailor-made for your needs

Most of the custom software is developed using the latest technologies so that it could cater all your needs. Also, the systems that are developed are based on your requirements and are tailor-made for your business. If you face any difficulty or discontent with these custom software, it can be easily improved and updates since its custom and you have all the codes. For developing your custom software you can take the help of a good firm like the Velvetech custom software development firm that could cater your needs.

Minimal cost

When it comes to the cost of building a custom software for your needs it can sometime exceed the amount with which you can purchase a readymade project, and sometimes it may not. This is why most people are in dilemma of whether they build a custom software or buy a readymade one. While it’s true that sometimes you might need to dish out more money, investing in a custom software has many long-term benefits. You can update them with the latest technologies, which cannot be done in case of the readymade software. This saves a lot of your money.


When you have a custom-made software running on your systems, the maintenance for it becomes very easy when compared to the readymade software. You will have the access to all the codes and technologies present in the custom software and you can tweak it anytime you want. This is a great flexibility that you get with custom software.

Platform integration

Custom software can be developed in a way that it can be integrated with other platforms as well. There are businesses that need numerous software programs to run on a single platform and you can develop a custom software that supports the platform. In the case of readymade software it can’t be done since they are not designed to integrate, they only run on a single platform.


Hiring companies, like Velvetech custom software development for developing your custom software, ensures that you have the best support for the software when needed. Since you have a custom software, you might full access to a technical support team that might help you with any problem that you face with the software. This is one compelling reason to consider using custom-made software.

Role of photo shop design file in web designing

Photo shop design file is in short termed as PSD. It is also considered as a photo shop document. It is a kind of file type which is derived from Adobe photo shop. The utilization of Photoshop is effective where you can edit, modify and create pictures according to your requirements. In fact the Adobe photo shop is also a kind of software. It is widely used for designing websites and also works well in the process of design to code language. This Photoshop design file (PSD) is utilized in designing websites especially by any web design agency. In technical keywords, these PSD’s are named as photo shop documents.

used for designing websites

A web design agency works out on any kind of creating websites based on different tools and features like adding cascading style sheets, this PSD’s, multimedia, sparkling graphics etc for an attractive and informative content related websites.

Let’s concentrate on the following points;

  • Adobe photo shop is very helpful for doing any kind of opening, editing, updating and manipulations if required for a PSD files. But these files will be opened in the form of adobe photo shop elements.
  • The editing and opening of PSD files are also possible by non adobe products as well in which the products include Corel’s paint shop pro. Comparatively to photo shop, the products which are available are unable to edit or read some of the complicated layers which are used in PSD files.
  • In the beginning only, when your project is involved with a photo shop then it will be completely accessed by both designers and web developers accordingly.

Creating websites using PSD files;

  • A professional web developer initially slices all the PSD files and converts into HTML code. It certainly means that the services included in the conversion of PSD to HTML involves site slinger. The web developers then takes PSD files and get back HTML or CSS markup language. This process is quite helpful for implementing in a form of live website correspondingly. If you consider another kind of files which you want to for your project, then these files are also be converted into PSD files by the developers. It certainly means that the designs included in your file will take a step forward to convert into PSD files only. Hence PSD files are a best source for designing a website other than remaining files.
  • In fact PSD files are perfectly designed and extraordinarily implemented. It is possible with the usage of folders, layer for showing various forms of pages. In terms of designing animation and button states, this PSD is very much beneficial in all the aspects.
  • For creating an effective website, developer takes the designs and converts it into code and generates an effective website which clearly matches your design in a perfect pixel variation.


Therefore the essentiality of PSD files plays a vital role in developing an efficient website. Here instantly web designers and professional developers will convert the designs assigned from the user’s requirement to a code. This ultimately results in attractive web site design in the form of effective pixel generation.

EightWays to Dominate Your Market

A range of internal and external powers can influence the lifespan of items and administrations that your business offers. Seeing how your business exceeds expectations in areas where your opposition does not, is an urgent component in ruling your market. Do You Want To Dominate Your Market?  Well by connecting these methodologies into your advertising campaigns you can push your association and turn into an industry giant.

industry giant

  1. Creating your own Niche:

Maybe the best technique to showoff and increase your market domination is to create your own niche market. Will probably prevail at advertising control in case you’re working in the periphery with almost no opposition. When bacon-flavored vodka was released in 2009, it was the first of its kind to be released and became a huge success. Finding a mix between your niche and your passion can result in your success, once you figure out the right balance with the two.

  1. Developing your product and/or services.

Just because your business is effective now doesn’t mean it has the flexibility that is needed to get by in the long haul. This is particularly valid in case you’re working in an exceedingly aggressive market. Offering altered or new items to your present market fragments is keeping your business steady in a dynamic and changing industry. Expanding your product/service brings in new specialties to your business too. For instance, Starbucks used new item improvement techniques by offering cakes and sandwiches and enhanced its CD deals.

  1. Identifying external forces:

A mixture of external powers influences your market, including ecological, socio-social, statistic, financial, science, lawful and political powers. These variables influence showcase inclines and may hold the way to ruling your market. For instance, the condition of the economy amid and after a subsidence that largely affects both, the customer and corporate spending alike, while savvy gadgets have made a bigger interest for wellbeing and better information following.

  1. Providing values and solutions:

What kind of value would you say you are producing? What issue would you say you are tackling? The response to these inquiries is essential to an overwhelming market which you will aim to dominate. Your products or services ought to make an answer or offer some benefit in places where your rivals are lacking. Feature the motivating force you’re putting forth so your prospects see precisely why they need to work with you, or even better – why they have to work with you. Recognizing prime purchaser sparks can enable you to understand your business’ actual esteem.

  1. Communicating with your market:

While you might offer business directions to the majority, you can make a prominent progress by understanding what pulls in particular customers towards your business. Making this discussion with your clients provides you with an understanding of where your clients will locate the most incentive for your business – and where they don’t.


Dominate Your Market

  1. Establishing credible talent:

Along with speaking with your clients, you can set up validity for your business through awareness and gaining clients because of their ability to work with you. On the off chance that your representatives are cheerful, it is reflected in the work they perform.  Showing photographs of colleagues on your organization site and web-based social networking profiles upgrades your validity while influencing your business to seem friendly and pleasant. Hiring writers to compose blog entries on organization or industry news is an incredible technique for conjuring character from potential clients. It additionally urges your pursuers to share your posts and this is an incredible asset with the expectation of complimentary showcasing of the brand’s effort.

  1. Implementing cost leadership strategy:

Cost administration includes offering the most reduced cost in the business on items or administrations. With a specific end goal to effectively actualize this technique, your deals should, in any case, acquire your business a satisfactory benefit after costs. You may cut the consumption rate of your business by solidifying tasks or procuring independent freelancers and self-employed entities. While executing a cost administration methodology isn’t feasible for a business, it’s turned out to be an exceptionally fruitful technique for some expansive organizations, for example, Wal-Mart.

  1. Conducting a competitive analysis:

Understanding the shortcomings of your competition is needed to always have the upper hand. Represent a focused analysis in your marketing plan to better comprehend where your business needs to step up the most. When you find out how to give a more grounded advantage than the opposition, you have to build up this upper hand unmistakably to really overwhelm the market. In this cutting-edge time of innovation, numerous organizations are enhancing items and administrations to give a one of a kind blend of value that is of worth to buyers.


Do You Want To Dominate Your Market? Well, the tips listed above are really helpful if done right, also it is very important to remember that the market is not stagnant, therefore your company shouldn’t be still as well, it should be flexible and dynamic in order to match with the market’s ever-evolving pace and that is one of the major factors you will be able to outpace your competition.

Difference Between A Bus and A Coach

When you think of a coach, you think coach bus rental and when you think bus, you think public transport. Even though both of these vehicles come under the same family tree, there are some differences that set these two apart. Let’s take a look at how the two differ from each other.


A bus is mainly used as an inexpensive mode of public transport. There are pre-determined routes for different buses and they run at a scheduled time. This helps the passengers schedule their work accordingly. They make regular stops and usually take the most convenient routes. Which is why there are different buses going in all the different directions.

Apart from buses operating within the city, there are also buses that take you from one city or state to another. Usually, these buses are a tad bit more luxurious than the public transport buses as they have to travel a long distance. Buses are arguably the most inexpensive mode of transport. As there are a lot of people who prefer the convenience and comfort of the buses, it’s easy for these bus companies to operate at a low price.

Apart from school buses, being the norm in every big city, some companies also hire buses to transport their employees from home to work and back home. There aren’t many people who would invest in buying a private bus. People who need to arrange for buses on rare occasions for transportation usually rent them out for a day or two, and even then, most people would rather go for Coach buses. Which brings me to my next point.

Coach Bus:

A coach bus is very similar to a bus, but when it comes to the features and seating details and luxury, it’s completely different. Coach buses are huge buses that have customized seating arrangements and feature depending on the owner’s preference. Even though there are a lot of companies that provide coach bus rental services, most people actually do not mind owning a coach bus of their own.

A coach bus is usually used for long distance travels with friends and family. There are also coach bus service providers that transport you from one city to another and they’re pretty affordable compared to traveling by flight. Different coach buses have different seating arrangements. The buses can accommodate anywhere from 28 people to 60 people depending on the type of the coach bus.

A public coach bus usually has a bus attendant to provide you with all your needs and some buses also come with recliners and electrical sockets to charge your mobile devices or laptops. They even have bathrooms and not to mention, a lot of leg space. Considering the luxury and the amenities provided, the price seems very affordable.

A private coach bus can, of course, be customized to any extent depending on the owner’s preferences. It can basically turn into a house on wheels if the owner desires.

These are just a few of the differences between a bus and a coach bus. You can always visit online to learn more.

Get tilt switches from Select Control to save you from further expenses

Everybody is scared of electric currents because these currents have the ability to take one’s life.In our day to day life, we experience such kinds of currents by using switches even though the companies promised that they won’t pass excessive electric currents. Therefore, we all want switches which are not only safe but those must go with the decorations of our home. It is quite difficult to search for these kinds of switches but now you do not have to spend a lot of time in searching these switches because we have found one for you. They are called tilt switches from Select Control.

tilt switches

More about tilt switches:

It is a type of electrical switch or mercury switch in which the circuit gets open and close when a little quantity of liquid metal called mercury connects the metal electrodes in order to close the circuit. These switches help in transferring the change of state to other devices.  These switches are operated by a signal which is generated from the tilt sensor for turning on and off and also for changing the orientation. All these functions are performed by generating non-natural horizon and also by measurement of angular tilt.

How it is made?

The tilt switches from Select Control are made up of non-conductive pipe or tube which consists of two contacts of electrical nature and also a material that plays the role of a conductor among the electrical contracts.

Earlier, mercury was used to activate the tilt switch but the use of this metal has declined over the years because of its toxicity. Nowadays, some other metals are used for activating the switches and they are:

  • electric current
  • Metal balls

Types of tilt switches:

The tilt switches from Select Control comes in varieties. It consists of following types:

  • Mercury Switches
  • Ball Switches
  • Balancing Force Switches
  • Solid state tilt Switches
  • Electrolytic Sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Capacitive Sensors

Factors to be considered while purchasing tilt switches:

There are some factors which should be kept in mind while going for purchasing tilt switches from Select Control. These factors are mentioned further:

Angle range of tilt:

It is the series of required linear output, the measurement of which is done in degrees.

Total number or amount of axis:

This factor is used to find out the path or direction of these switches.


The frequency which is used for the purpose of measuring the changes occurring in acceleration is known as bandwidth.

The range of frequency and accuracy:

Thisshould also be considered because they show the frequencies range.

Applications of tilt switches:

These switches are mainly used in following:

  • Security systems of automobile
  • Video Cameras
  • Equipments related to construction.
  • Robots
  • Normal Cameras
  • Controllers of video games etc.

These switches are accessible in changing commencement levels, weights, contact ratings, tilt angles and various sensitivities like planar motions, tip over and unidirectional.

Embedding innovation in design and excellence in software development

Designing plus building enterprise applications now requires more than just having profound tech skills. It demands using technology in wise, creative as well as innovative means to achieve larger productivity, client loyalty,and profits opportunities. Software development services by Velvetech needs thinking, designing, team up and problem-solvingin a different way. We know a thing otherwise two aboutis different.

high superiority software

Value-added services that could boost up your product

We have developed our procedures to deliver outstanding technology services, however elevating client experiences to offer our clients the greatest value at the greatest price. Unlike our contestants, we are capable to customize plus personalize our approach founded on your precise needs. In addition, our skilled, tech-passionate, as well as thought leaders are accessible to work straight with you plus your team on tactical innovation.

Our commitment to client’s service and quality is a portion of everything we do

At Velvetech, we are devoted to our client’s achievement and well-being. We want all of our clienteles to use us as a standard for client service and quality. From conceptualization to placement, we will work attentively to produce high superiority software and confirm our clients’ gratification.

We understand how hard it is to ramp up groups for new project development, repairs,and support. That is why we are dedicated to providing our extremely skilled group of experts that can remove the frustrations that derive with recruiting, teaching, and in-house growth.  We are here to listen, determine what your requirements are, support your goalmouths, and push your plans to their finish lines.

We keep thriving to be the best and we have always satisfied our customers

Our firm is based on a shared vision plus philosophy of being fervent in our work and performing the finest in what is being made for you. We are not exclusively “resources” to hire,are talent.  Permit Software development services by Velvetech to introduce ourselves and you would understand how we outshine at what we do.We have a profound understanding of both the science plus the art that goes into outstanding software development.

End-to-End Skill

We think big, design shrewd and develop fast for all screens, plans,and teams. Serving worldwide leaders to businesspersons, we tailor our procedure founded on your scale plus structure.

Assurance of quality that leaves you astonished

Versed incomplete testing greatest practices, our analysts work through your team to identify, fix plus prevent software quality topics through a custom mixture of manual testing, compatibility analysis, performance testing, automation engineering in addition to continuous incorporation. Velvetech also offers standalone software quality valuation and a managed-service automation outline built to aid our clients manage price, decrease time-to-market and upsurge test coverage.

Our technical delivery ability is centered on conveying custom software solutions above the web. The products plus functionality we normally build cannot be delivered by off the shelf schemes, and always involve custom constituents to handle data processing offline before it could be surfaced over a web application. Inevitably we construct custom software, but gradually we are able to incorporate and take benefit of cloud services to decrease development effort and offer more technically supple solutions to our customers.

Travel in style, Travel with Chicago Motor Coach!!

Whether it is a joyous family occasion like a wedding or if it is a professional event like a conference, it is common to plan a group trip so as to maintain unity and to better organize the event.

Many plan the location, stay etc. but they hardly pay heed to the mode of transportation, and this is a great mistake that can lead to a group of disgruntled and tired individuals. Therefore it is crucial that you plan the whole trip well ahead of the schedule and rent coach bus that houses the whole group as well as provides them with optimum comfort.

What makes coach bus the most optimum vehicle for comfort?

When we think of group trips our mind immediately jumps to renting a bus as we neglect to understand the many benefits that coach bus provides over a normal bus. Here are a few way in which a coach bus proves to be a better mode of transport than a bus

  • Comfortably houses a large number of passengers:

A bus is usually designed to house a large number of passengers however it makes compromises in the comfort of the passenger. When you travel in such vehicles you may feel the after-effects of the journey like a backache, body pains etc.

But coach, on the other hand, is especially designed to house a large number of passengers in luxury and comfort. This will not only save your body from any after-effects of the journey but will also allow you to enjoy the journey in a pleasant manner.

  • On-board facilities:

When traveling in buses you will have to make pit stops in road-side motels, restaurants or gas stations for using their restroom and other facilities. Such stops will leave you vulnerable to any dangers lurking around and not to mention the unhygienic conditions of such places. On the other hand, the coach has a toilet aboard as well as other amenities like TV monitors, device plugs, CD and DVD players etc. that will not only make your journey a pleasant one but also a quick one.

  • Choice of models:

Generally, buses are modeled in a certain way and little has changed over the years but with coaches, you can find numerous models. This feature of coaches will allow you to choose a coach that suits and fulfills your needs.

And much more!

Why is Chicago Motor Coach my best choice?

Since its establishment more than 10 years ago, Chicago Motor Coach has served its customers with growing diligence and professionalism. Their regard for their customer’s safety, comfort, and their opinion has earned them great love and support from their customers.

They house a fleet of coaches ranging from a simple 26 seater mini coach to a large 56 seater motor coach thus allowing you a choice of vehicles for your trip. With Chicago Motor Coach you can rent coach bus in as well as out of the state, at quite a reasonable price.

Pick the best, Pick Chicago Motor Coach to rent coach bus with!

Internet Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is surely the root of the marketing industry but traditional marketing is not really enough for you to compete in the market today. We live in an era where people hold their smartphones more than each other’s hands. Digital era has conquered almost all spheres of life and if you don’t go with the flow, you may get stuck somewhere behind. The advancements in technology and internet marketing demand every business to be taken online since people participate in online activities a lot more than they participate in real life activities.

law firm internet marketing

Traditional marketing uses marketing tools like print, broadcast, referral, and direct mail which have been used for ages. These tools have nothing to do with the internet and are most expensive in nature. You will have to spend more to reach more number of people if you’re using traditional marketing techniques. Internet marketing uses tools that revolve around the usage of the internet like e-mail marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. There are different types of internet marketing agencies that will help you with your business. These agencies handle law firm internet marketing. Law firm internet marketing is as important as internet marketing of any other firm since the major goal over here is to reach more people.

Internet marketing is a lot faster when compared to the speed of traditional marketing. Since internet marketing reaches more the number of people with the same amount of money, it is more beneficial to use internet marketing in case you want cheaper and faster results. Does this mean that you should completely forget about traditional marketing? Traditional marketing is never going to remain in the chapters of history because even today traditional marketing is necessary for certain types of businesses and firms. Even if you’re focusing more on internet marketing, sometimes you will have to take the help of traditional marketing as well in order to develop a smart marketing strategy that gives you 360-degree coverage.

Internet marketing is the best choice if your target audience consists of mainly young individuals. On the other hand, if your service focuses on farmers in the countryside, it’s better that you go for traditional marketing since they may be more inclined towards traditional media rather than the internet. You must realize the kind of business you own and the characteristics of your target audience. It is important to understand that even if internet marketing is growing quickly, traditional marketing can still give you results.

If you just started a small business and you do not have the money to invest in traditional marketing, internet marketing is the best choice for you. Again this depends on all the factors we discussed above. If you’re opening a beauty salon for women in a city, internet marketing is a great way of getting more clients. However, distributing flyers near a college or sorority house will also be a great traditional marketing tool that you can make use of in this case.